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Storms and Shadows


Set amidst a backdrop of intrigue, power, kingship and corruption, Storms and Shadows follows the fortunes of Matilda de Braose through the eyes of her maid Ailith during the reign of King John at the turn of the 13th century.  Wife to William de Braose lord of,  amongst others, the castle of Bramber in Sussex and Abergavenny and Hay in Wales, Matilda's fortunes rise and fall alongside William's, ultimately taking a twist along the way that will leave you breathless.  For Ailith, born the seventh child of the seventh child and burdened with the gift of the Sight, her destiny is to follow Matilda down the path which fate has  ordained as she gradually comes to the realisation that there is a connection between her mistress and the recurring dreams she had as a child.

Paperback edition published on 28th June 2019 by Cranthorpe Millner Publications, Twitter: @CMPublishers and www.cranthorpemillner.com

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